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PUBLISHEDDecember 31 2019
2019 Annual Report


The ongoing transformation of the global energy sector is opening possibilities for many developing countries to reach their energy  access and service delivery goals in a lower cost, more sustainable manner, while combating climate change. 

New technologies, and new ways of using existing technologies such as geospatial data systems, smart grids, and smart meters are helping to develop resilient energy infrastructure and operate it more efficiently. These developments, combined with major cost reductions in renewable energy and storage solutions are presenting a strong prospect of a complete re-orientation of the energy sector towards a more decentralized, decarbonized and digitalized path. 

The World Bank Group (WBG) and ESMAP are at the frontier of this transformation, helping developing countries to take advantage of technological, financial and policy innovations and implement approaches that best suit their needs to address energy poverty in an equitable way. Through World Bank country programs, ESMAP is supporting energy sector reforms that maximize finance for development.

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