Our Team

Heather Austin
Austin, Heather

Heather is a Publications Associate and manages the production and dissemination of ESMAP research and knowledge products.

Heather works to strengthen the impact of ESMAP’s work by ensuring product excellence for all publications produced by ESMAP, including, but not limited to, Technical Reports, Knowledge Series Reports, Impact Stories, Fact Sheets, and the ESMAP-ASTAE Annual Report. Heather also manages ESMAP’s corporate identity and branding—in print, online, and at ESMAP-sponsored events. She has over 15 years of publishing experience from the World Bank, academia, and the private sector.

Victor B. Loksha
B. Loksha, Victor

Victor is a Senior Energy Economist with ESMAP. He joined the World Bank in 1995. In his present position with ESMAP, Victor leads the organization of knowledge exchange events for the Energy Subsidy Reform Technical Assistance Facility, supports the Energy Economics, Markets and Institutions Global Solutions Group in the knowledge project on Rethinking Power Sector Reform, provides cross-support to the Bank’s Regions as an economist and financial expert and conducts regular reviews of ESMAP grant proposals from the Bank regions for activities focusing on Energy Sector Governance, Planning, and Markets themes.

Previously, he has led analytical work on International Experience with Private Sector Participation in Electric Power Grids, Open Access to Transmission and Distribution Systems in the Electricity Sector, and Analytical Tools for Low-Carbon Development. He has also contributed to ESMAP’s renewable energy work, including the publication of the Handbook on Planning and Financing Geothermal Power. Victor has a PhD in Environmental Economics from Moscow State University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Martina Bosi
Bosi, Martina

Martina is a Senior Energy Economist at ESMAP, where the main focus of her work is on energy efficiency in cities. She has led the development of the e-learning course on Energy Efficient Cities as well as the new Efficient and Sustainable Buildings Program.

Martina works with regional task teams on technical assistance programs and lending operations in the areas of urban energy efficiency and buildings. Prior to joining ESMAP in 2013, she worked as a Senior Carbon Finance Specialist in the World Bank Carbon Finance Unit, where she was a founding member of the Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness and the fund manager of two of the Bank’s carbon funds. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2005, she developed expertise in energy and climate policy at the Paris-based International Energy Agency and before that at Natural Resources Canada.

Nansia Constantinou
Constantinou, Nansia

Nansia is a Communications Officer and manages ESMAP’s communications program to strengthen its overall impact. In this context, she designs and implements communications strategies that focus on disseminating ESMAP knowledge to key stakeholders and highlighting its role in influencing global energy sector performance and policy, and leveraging investment.

Her main responsibilities include messaging and positioning, stakeholder engagement, review of all external communications, annual report, feature stories, as well as media and donor outreach. She brings more than 13 years of communications experience gained through various positions across the World Bank and in the private sector.

Marie Daramy
Daramy, Marie

Marie’s main responsibility is to manage the daily transaction processing along with procurement colleagues. She also coordinates and delivers all of ESMAP’s internal Brown Bag Lunches, trainings, workshops.

Prior to ESMAP, Marie worked in the International Financing Corporation (IFC) East Asia and Pacific Region, in the Executive Director’s office for Africa and more recently, for the Global Partnership on Output Based Aid (GPOBA).

Jon Exel
Exel, Jon

Jon leads ESMAP’s Global Facility on Mini Grids. The facility’s objective is to mainstream least cost mini grids into operations as well as develop the knowledge to achieve this. Jon also task manages the energy access for the urban poor program. Jon has over two decades of experience in energy access and alternative energy sector.

He previously worked with the World Bank from 1998 to 2004 on renewable energy operations in Asia and Africa. Jon has also worked with private investors, national governments, NGOs, and started the first registered mini-hydro development company under the new energy policy and regulations in Croatia. He has worked with diesel, solar, hydro, wind, and biomass-based energy systems.

His experience is in the delivery of energy services to large groups of end users and revolves around business delivery models; business plans; pre-investment and investment plans; market intelligence; and how institutions and businesses deliver these services. Jon has lived and worked in Liberia, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, East Jerusalem, and Cambodia. Jon holds a Masters in Energy Engineering and Business Administration.

Thomas Flochel
Flochel, Thomas

Thomas is an Energy Economist and has been part of the core team in the Energy Subsidy Reform Facility at ESMAP for two years. He provides support for the technical review of project proposals and facilitates knowledge management aspects.

He is currently leading a cross-practice diagnostic toolkit and a community of government officials from over 30 countries and internal/external experts on energy subsidy reform. He also provides cross-support to country teams for technical assistance on energy subsidy reform in Algeria and previously in Armenia and to several renewable investment projects as an energy economist, including in Mali, Sao Tome and Principe, and Niger. Prior to joining the World Bank, Thomas worked in research and impact investment in Africa. Thomas holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Thrainn Fridriksson
Fridriksson, Thrainn

Thrainn is a geothermal geochemist with experience in geothermal project development and production monitoring. At ESMAP, Thrainn has worked on developing guidelines for World Bank staff on how to address greenhouse gas emissions from geothermal power projects, prepared capacity building support to clients, and provided support to World Bank teams in preparing and implementing projects involving geothermal energy in countries such as Armenia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, St Lucia, Nicaragua, and Fiji.

Before joining ESMAP in October 2014, Thrainn worked as a geochemist and project manager in the geothermal sector in Iceland for 11 years. His main responsibilities included project management of exploration, production monitoring, and capacity building projects.

Besnik Hyseni
Hyseni, Besnik

Besnik is an Energy Specialist under the Energy Access Program focusing on the Efficient, Clean Cooking and Heating (ECCH) and the Global Facility on Mini Grids initiatives. He is responsible for the ESMAP country support portfolio for these initiatives, technical review and support to country teams on the subjects as well as facilitation of knowledge management aspects. Prior to ESMAP, Besnik supported the coordination of the Africa Clean Cooking Energy Solutions (ACCES) and the Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion project.

Besnik brings 6 years of Bank-specific operational and analytical work experience in energy access and household energy more specifically on clean cooking, off-grid electrification, as well as in economic analysis of power projects. 

Vanessa Lopes Janik
Janik Lopes, Vanessa

Vanessa joined the World Bank Group in December 2006 and is an Operations Officer working at the global level across energy, gender, and climate change issues since 2009. She has specific country level experience on climate adaptation in Mozambique and gender in energy programs in Mali, Senegal, and Vietnam. She has presented at international forums and contributed to various publications and country programs in these fields such as the Integrating Gender Considerations into Energy Operations report and a report on Gender and Electricity Infrastructure.

At the regional level, Vanessa co-leads a Gender and Energy program in the Africa region and contributes to regional initiatives in Latin America, South Asia, and East Asia Pacific. Before coming to ESMAP, Vanessa worked on program management and donor relations with the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program in 2008 and within the human resources team for the World Bank’s Energy, Transport and Water Sector Boards from 2006 to 2007. She holds an MBA from Clark University, with a focus on Global Business; and a dual Bachelors in International Development & Social Change and Psychology from Clark University.

Ivan Jaques
Jaques, Ivan

Ivan is a Senior Energy Specialist leadin ESMAP’s Energy Efficient City Services Project Preparation Facility.  His main work area at ESMAP has been city energy efficiency (such as public lighting, transport, buildings, water and wastewater, waste, power and district heating).

Ivan has more than 25 years of experience working in energy efficiency.  He works across sectors, such as energy, urban, transport and water, to support client engagement, project identification, preparation, and implementation. Before joining the Bank, he was Deputy Director of Chile’s Energy Efficiency Agency, in charge of policy development and design of the country’s long-term action plan. He has also worked on sustainable transport in Chile and Japan.

Marjorie K. Araya
K. Araya, Marjorie

Marjorie is a Website Content Coordinator and manages front-end development for the ESMAP and all its subsidiary sites.  Marj oversees day-to-day updates and webpage design; architecture, contracting, supervising, and doing quality control of services rendered by programmers, designers, and information security testing staff. She designs the monthly ESMAP E-Bulletin and publication announcements; and maintains ESMAP’s external contacts database.

Marj also writes pieces for the ESMAP annual report, webstories, and creates photo stories and designs the E-bulletin keeping the website updated and interesting.  She also leads the coordination of ESMAP events such as all international knowledge exchange forums, roundtables, workshops, and conferences.

Marj has been with the World Bank for 18 years, but prior to joining the Bank, Marj worked with the United States Department of Defense as a Financial Analyst and for the Inter-American Development Bank preparing Technical Assistance loans and lines of credit for the Latin America and Caribbean Region in the areas of State Modernization, Infrastructure Development Framework, and Financial Sector Reform.

Rohit Khanna
Khanna, Rohit

Rohit oversees a portfolio of analytical and advisory activities to inform the energy sector policy dialogue. Under his direction, ESMAP has grown exponentially to support over 250 activities in more than 130 countries; influence World Bank, IDA, and IBRD financing; and leverage billons from global partners to support the growth of and strengthen the design and implementation of investment projects in the sector.

Rohit joined The World Bank in 2000, and prior to assuming his current position at ESMAP, he worked on the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Clean Technology Fund (CTF) at the World Bank. Before joining the World Bank, he was a Program Officer in the UN Environment Program, and worked for Save the Children Fund in its Bhutan Field Office.

Oliver Knight
Knight, Oliver

Oliver is a Senior Energy Specialist and works primarily in the Renewable Energy team. He has over ten years of experience in international development and UK domestic policy issues working on renewable energy, energy access, and climate change issues.

Oliver leads ESMAP’s work on Renewable Energy Resource Mapping, which includes support to 11 country projects in Africa, South Asia, and East Asia Pacific. Previously he led a work program on Results-Based Funding, which closed in 2015. Oliver also supports teams working on renewable energy issues in Pakistan and Vietnam, and has a strong interest in geospatial analysis and open data. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2011, he worked at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and prior to that at the Sustainable Development Commission. 

Aditya Alexander Lukas
Lukas Alexander, Aditya

Aditya is a Junior Professional Officer in the Energy Efficient Cities team and currently focuses on ESMAP’s work in efficient and sustainable buildings. Before joining ESMAP, he worked at McKinsey & Company, where he supported clients mainly in the energy sector in decisions on strategy and operations. 

Prior to this, Aditya was a scientist for more than five years at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, where his main focus was safe and efficient water supply. He also worked with several water utilities to help improve energy efficiency and reduce water losses in their water supply systems. He holds a PhD and MSc in Land and Water Management and Civil Engineering.

Brenda M. Manuel
M. Manuel, Brenda

Brenda joined ESMAP in November 2016 as a Senior Operations Officer leading ESMAP’s Portfolio Team, including its monitoring and evaluation efforts. Brenda also serves as advisor and supports the ESMAP program manager in trust fund, financial and partnership management.

Brenda started in the Bank as a financial analyst of energy and transport projects in Russia & Central Asia. She previously worked with ESMAP in 1998-99, focusing on portfolio management and has over 20 years of Bank experience in portfolio reviews and assessments of outcome, institutional development impact and sustainability of the Bank programs and projects, as well as trust fund, financial and resource management. Brenda has an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BS in Biochemistry/Biophysics from the University of Pittsburgh.

Christian Mahler
Mahler, Christian

Christian is an Energy Specialist with five years of experience in energy efficiency and climate change mitigation. He has been working with cities in Africa, Asia, and Europe to perform energy diagnostics with ESMAP’s Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE) and develop investment pipelines and pre-feasibility studies to help cities tap into their energy efficiency potential across urban sectors and become more sustainable.

Christian is also working on ESMAP’s new Efficient and Sustainable Buildings Program to integrate and scale up buildings in an energy efficient way into relevant World Bank Global Practice operations such as affordable housing, resilience, education, and health.

Oliver Knight
Makumbe, Pedzi

Pedzi is an Energy Specialist with ESMAP. His current work focuses on energy efficiency and solar energy in cities. Pedzi has led work in Brazil on solar energy and energy efficiency in buildings and public lighting and supervised investments in energy efficiency in Ukraine.

Pedzi has also been involved in projects in various other countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Pedzi has published a series of six case studies and a cross cutting report on LED public lighting. Previously, he led ESMAP’s analytical tools program. Prior to ESMAP, Pedzi has worked in Europe and Central Asia and for a renewable energy consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts. Pedzi has a PhD and a Master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Djeanane Monfort
Monfort, Djeanane

Djeanane is a Program Assistant providing operational and administrative support to the ESMAP Team.  Prior to joining ESMAP, she worked at the World Bank Country Office in Haiti, the United Nations Office for Project Services and Christian Aid.

Djeanane holds a Master in Sustainable Development from Université du Maine in France and two Bachelors in Business Administration from Université de Montpellier in France and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie in Haiti. During her research, she focused on sustainable tourism for economic and social development in remote locations in Haiti.

Sheoli Pargal
Pargal, Sheoli

Sheoli is the Lead Energy Economist in ESMAP, where she co-leads the Energy Subsidy Reform Facility (ESRF). She joined ESMAP in September 2016 after six years in the Energy Practice in the Sourh Asia Region where she worked on utility governance, regulation, and performance in India, and on system-wide sector strategic issues in Bangladesh.

She has broad cross-sectoral experience stemming from assignments in infrastructure operations in the Latin America Region, environmental policy and regulatory research in DEC, and country services in OPCS. Sheoli spent 2006-2007 on External Service at the Secretariat to the Committee on Infrastructure in the Planning Commission in India, working on government investment policy initiatives and PPP frameworks for infrastructure. In addition to managing the ESRF, Sheoli provides strategic, operational and technical support to the ESMAP program manager, and advice and guidance to ESMAP teams. Sheoli has a PhD in Economics from Northwestern University, Evanston IL. 

Aurelien Pillet
Pillet, Aurelien

Aurelien joined ESMAP as an Energy Economist (and Swiss Junior Professional Officer) in March 2016. His main responsibilities are in fossil fuel subsidy reforms. Prior to joining the Bank, Aurelien accumulated more than three years of experience in trade diplomacy and economic promotion for the Swiss government in China, renewable fuels and energy markets for a private shipping and trading company, and academic research for the public sector.

He holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Geneva and an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. During his studies, he focused on international economics and development, trade policies, and energy economics and gained in-depth knowledge of empirical analysis and quantitative research skills.


Elisa Portale
Portale, Elisa

Elisa is an Energy Economist and is leading the Multi-tier Framework Global Survey. She works on several other projects on energy access, in particular Defining and Measuring Energy Access, SE4ALL Global Tracking Framework Report 2015, Energy Access for the Urban Poor Program, Global Status of Energy Access Report, and the Energy Sector Resilience Project.

Prior to ESMAP, Elisa worked in Sustainable Development and Climate Change Policy at Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei. She holds a PhD in Sustainable Development (Energy) and MSc in Economics and is a Harvard Kennedy School Fellow in Sustainability Science. 

Dana Rysankova
Rysankova, Dana

Dana is a Senior Energy Specialist at ESMAP, covering energy access themes. Dana has been at the World Bank for the past 16 years, specializing in energy access and distributed renewables.

Prior to joining ESMAP, she managed energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and Caribbean regions – working in a diverse set of countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia and Brazil. In ESMAP, Dana is coordinating energy access activities. She is co-leading Solar Technical Assistance and Multi-Tier Framework Global Survey programs, and is focal point for SE4ALL Technical Assistance program.


Martin Schroeder
Schroeder, Martin

Martin is an Energy Specialist and works primarily in the Renewable Energy team. He has five years of experience in the energy sector, working mainly on electricity market development and renewable energy integration.

Prior to joining the World Bank in 2015, he has worked for the Transmission System Operator in Denmark, Energinet.dk, and for the European Network of Transmission System Operators–Electricity (ENTSO-E) in Brussels, Belgium. Martin supports ESMAP’s work on Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration, which includes support to a dozen countries and a number of other World Bank engagements globally.

Chong Suk Song
Song Suk, Chong

Chong is a Junior Professional Officer. His primary responsibility is to provide support on technical assistance and knowledge management for ESMAP’s Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Grid Integration Support Program and Global Facility for Promotion of Green Mini Grids initiatives.

He is also involved in the Rethinking the 1990s Orthodoxy on Power Sector Reform project in which he is working on a knowledge product on the effect of disruptive technologies on the future power sector. He also provides cross-support to the Power System Planning team where he is performing analysis for the network impacts of VREs and checks on the network upgrade requirements for high penetration of VREs. Prior to his entrance into the World Bank, he worked in a private entity specializing in Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Microgrids. Chong has his PhD in power system engineering. 

Barbara Ungari
Ungari, Barbara

Barbara is an Operations Analyst with four years of experience in clean energy, energy access, climate change mitigation, and adaptation. Barbara coordinates the annual Portfolio Review, contributes to the preparation of regional portfolio and financial reports, supports management of the workflow for Annual Block Grants submissions, review, and approvals, and reviews Grant Funds Requests and manages the ESMAP monitoring and evaluation portal.

Prior to joining ESMAP, Barbara worked for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility and the Food and Agriculture Organization in Vietnam. She holds a Master Degree in Environmental Science and Climate Change, with a focus on energy issues, at the Polytechnic of Ancona, Italy.

Yabei Zhang
Zhang, Yabei

Yabei Zhang is a Senior Energy Specialist and will be leading ESMAP’s Efficient and Clean Cooking and Heating Program starting FY18. Since she joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 2008, Yabei has managed energy projects in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region as well as in the Europe and the Central Asia region, with a focus on household energy and energy efficiency.

She has led the regional flagship program EAP Clean Stove Initiative with country programs in China, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Lao PDR, and coordinated efficient and clean heating projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Prior to joining the World Bank, Yabei worked at the Joint Global Change Research Institute. She holds a PhD in Economics from University of Maryland, College Park, and a Master in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.