Story Highlights
  • ESMAP helped Vietnamese communities living around the Trung Son Hydropower project to access its benefits
  • Men and women now have equal access to resettlement compensation and training, and women have strengthened their participation in community-based initiatives
  • Information on project benefits has also reached remote and vulnerable populations, including ethnic minorities and non-literate individuals
ESMAP’s Gender Work in Vietman’s Trung Son Hydro Power Project Promotes Equal Access to Benefits
August 29 2017

The Trung Son Hydropower Project was designed with a strong gender action plan for the implementation of its large livelihood, minority, and resettlement program. While the plan and overall aim were considered strong, external evaluators found that the actual attention to ensuring men and women were benefitting equally was not being provided as planned during the early stages of implementation. To address the shortcomings, the project requested technical support from ESMAP’s East Asia and Pacific Gender and Energy Facility to help update the design, implementation, and monitoring mechanisms for their livelihood, ethnic minority and resettlement programs to ensure men and women would benefit equally from the services provided and that monitoring mechanisms would be in place to capture disaggregated progress and results.

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