Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in Pakistan


To accelerate the expansion of renewable energy the Government of Pakistan has requested the support of the World Bank and ESMAP’s Renewable Energy Resource Mapping Initiative to help improve the country’s knowledge and awareness of biomass, solar, wind energy resources. All three components have generated initial outputs, and the activity is now proceeding to Phase 2 (ground-based data collection).

Project Details
Project approved: May 2013
Expected completion: December 2018
ESMAP funding allocated: $4,350,000
Total project funding: $4,470,000
Project leads: Anjum Ahmad and Oliver Knight
Primary government counterpart: Alternative Energy Development Board
Project ID: P146140
Scope and appointed consultants: Biomass mapping: Full Advantage, with SIMOSOL, VTT , PITCO and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) as sub-contractors
Solar mapping: DLR, with CSP Services and PITCO as sub-contractors
Wind mapping: 3E, with DTU Wind and Sustainable Energy Services International (SESI) as sub-contractors


The Wind and Solar data can be viewed via the IRENA Global Atlas using a web browser. GIS layers for the key solar mapping outputs as well as maps and posters can be downloaded from the Global Solar Atlas. The measurement data is hosted and it is freely available on the EnergyData platform. Other outputs are listed below by project component.

Biomass mapping:
Phase 3 outputs:
Biomass Atlas
GIS files (Land Use)
Final Report
Phase 2 outputs:
Implementation Report
Field Survey Data
Phase 1 outputs:
Phase 2 Implementation Plan
Inception Report
Scoping Phase Report carried out by the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO)
Solar mapping:
Phase 3 outputs:
NEW: Phase 3 Training Workshop (PPT Presentation) 
NEW: Validated Solar Resource Assessment and Mapping (PPT presentation)
NEW: Measurement Campaign Summary (PPT presentation)
NEW: Maps and Posters
NEW: Final Model Validation Report
Phase 2 outputs:
Station Maintenance Visit Reports for the 9 installed sites across Pakistan (Zip file, 12MB)
Site Installation Reports for 9 sites where solar radiation measuring stations have been installed (Zip file, 8MB)
Site Evaluation Reports for 17 longlisted sites for solar radiation measuring stations (Zip file, 18MB)
Solar Radiation Measurement Data from the 9 installed sites across Pakistan
Phase 1 outputs:
GIS data
Solar Modeling Report
Wind mapping:
Phase 2 outputs:
NEW:  Maintenance Visit Reports
NEW: Wind Measurement Data from the 12 masts installed across Pakistan
Phase 1 outputs:
Phase 2 Implementation Plan
GIS Data and LIB Files
Site Installation Report (for all wind masts)
Site Identification Report
Mesoscale Modeling Report


Feature story: Global renewable energy mapping program gets underway in Pakistan with first solar measurement station (November 12, 2014)


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