Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in Nepal

In Nepal, it is believed that more than 3,000MW of wind potential exists, and previous wind mapping by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates that several locations have excellent potential. Data collected in a few candidate sites (with wind measurement masts at heights of 10–20m) show that enough wind is available to generate electricity from 10AM to 10PM, with the possibility of supplying more electricity in the evening peak hours. As a result, wind power could potentially play an important role in meeting short term capacity needs and providing an additional source of renewable energy generation for Nepal over the longer team. Under the right policy framework, wind power is relatively quick to plan and construct, and the output is highly complementary for countries with large hydropower potential. However, this early mapping work has not been validated with ground-based data, making it highly uncertain from the perspective of commercial developers.

As a result of this situation, The World Bank is assisting the Government of Nepal (GoN) in carrying out wind resource assessment and mapping, followed by geospatial planning at the national level. A task force has been established in the GoN consisting of members from Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC, the leader of the task force), Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Water and Energy Communication Secretariat (WECS), Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), and Tribhuvan University (TU), with an objective of consolidating previous efforts, ensuring good inter-departmental coordination, and promoting national ownership of the activity during implementation so that the results are used to enhance government planning processes and promote commercial development. There is also strong interest in expanding the activity to cover other renewable energy resources - especially solar - if additional funding can be obtained.

Project Details
Project approved: November 2014
Expected completion: February 2020
ESMAP funding allocated: $1,800,000
Total project funding: $1,910,000
Project lead: Tomo Yamashita and Jie Tang
Primary government counterpart: Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)
Project ID: P150328
Appointed consultants: DTU Wind, with 3E and WindPower Nepal as sub-contractors

Wind mapping:
Phase 1 Outputs:
GIS Data and LIB Files
Interim Mesoscale Modelling Report


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