Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in the Maldives


The Maldives declared a policy commitment in 2009 to become the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2020. The most important action to achieve this objective is displacing its near total dependence on diesel-based power generation with renewable energy (RE) alternatives. The Government of Maldives has established a comprehensive policy framework for the development of renewable energy embedded in the Strategic Action Plan (SAP,2008-2013), Energy Policy 2010, and more recently in the Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) Investment Plan under the umbrella of the Climate Investment Funds. To complement this ambitious program, the Government recognized the need to improve information available on renewable energy resource potential, and requested the support of the World Bank and ESMAP’s Renewable Energy Mapping Initiative to help carry out solar and wind resource assessment and mapping.

The project, which has since benefited from a generous grant from the Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE), has already produced a series of interim outputs, and is now proceeding with the commissioning of solar and wind measurements at multiple sites across the country for validation purposes. The project is closely aligned with the objectives of the SREP Investment Plan and supports other ongoing renewable energy and climate change initiatives in the country. The SREP Investment Plan sets out a program of activities supported by the World Bank Group and Asian Development Bank, in addition to other bilateral development partners.

Project Details
Project approved: August 2013
Expected completion: November 2019
ESMAP funding allocated: $500,000
Total project funding: $2,415,000 (of which $1,915,000 is provided by ASTAE)
Project lead: Sandeep Kohli
Primary government counterparts: Ministry of Environment and Energy, Maldives Meteorological Service
Appointed consultants: DNV GL (wind mapping) and Solargis (solar mapping)



The Wind and Solar data can be viewed via the IRENA Global Atlas using a web browser. GIS layers for the key solar mapping outputs as well as maps and posters can be downloaded from the Global Solar Atlas. The measurement data is hosted and it is freely available on the EnergyData platform. Other outputs are listed below by project component.

Solar mapping:
Phase 2 outputs:
NEW: Annual Solar Resource Report (2017)
NEW: Solar Radiation Measurement Data from the four sites installed across Maldives
Phase 1 outputs:
GIS data
Phase 2 Implementation Plan
Site Selection Report
Model Validation Report
Solar Modeling Report
Wind mapping:
Phase 1 outputs:
12x24 files for each grid cell (Zip file, 17MB)
GIS Data and LIB Files 
Candidate Site Identification Report
Mesoscale Modeling Report


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