Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in Malawi


Malawi is endowed with significant renewable energy resources, but so far only the larger hydropower resources have been exploited. This is mainly due to lack of funding for research institutions, inadequate policy provisions and implementation, previously high technology costs, and the lack of experience with technologies such as solar and wind power. The resource potential is particularly badly understood, as highlighted (for wind) in the analytical work underlying the Country Economic Memorandum published by The World Bank in 2010.

Under this project an assessment of solar resources will be carried out by The World Bank in partnership with the Government of Malawi, including capacity building so that the information is well understood and utilized. The project is being coordinated with a parallel wind resource assessment and mapping activity being implemented by the Government with World Bank financing. There is interest in expanding the project to include other renewable energy resources, but currently not sufficient funding to do so.

Project Details

Project approved: July 2014
Expected completion: November 2018
ESMAP funding allocated: $710,000
Total project funding: $770,000
Project lead: Zayra Romo and Francesa Fusaro
Primary government counterpart: The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy & Mining
Project ID: P151289
Appointed consultants:  Solargis with GeoSUN Africa and SGS Malawi as sub-contractors


The Wind and Solar data can be viewed via the IRENA Global Atlas using a web browser. GIS layers for the key solar mapping outputs as well as maps and posters can be downloaded from the Global Solar Atlas. The measurement data is hosted and it is freely available on the EnergyData platform. Other outputs are listed below by project component.

Solar mapping:
Phase 2 outputs:
NEW:  Annual Solar Resource Report (2017)
NEW: Maps and Posters
Solar Radiation Measurement Data from the 3 installed sites across Malawi
Phase 1 outputs:
GIS data
Site Identification Report
Model Validation Report
Solar Modeling Report


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