Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in Madagascar


The Government of Madagascar has developed a credible policy framework that has helped to abolish monopoly power and attract private investors to hydropower generation. In order to speed up the expansion of small hydro generation and other renewables, the Government of Madagascar has requested the support of the World Bank and ESMAP’s Renewable Energy Mapping Initiative to enhance the country’s knowledge of renewable energy development, provide detailed assessment of potential renewable energy sources and increase the private sector’s awareness of commercial opportunities.

The project will initially focus on small hydro resource mapping and geospatial planning, although the Government and the World Bank would like to expand the activity to other renewable energy resources if additional funding can be secured. The small hydro mapping will build on the existing data from the EU-funded RECIPES project, the GEOSIM planning tool of the ADER (Rural Electrification Agency) and other past studies. The objective of the project is to produce a validated Small Hydro Atlas covering the whole country.

This activity is part of a broader World Bank program of technical assistance that will assist the Government of Madagascar in scaling up renewable energy potential and building capacity.

Project Details
Project approved: May 2013
Expected completion: March 2017
ESMAP funding allocated: $1,350,000
Total project funding: $1,380,000
Project lead: Vonjy Rakotondramanana
Primary government counterparts: Ministry of Energy, the utility JIRAMA, Agence de Développement de l'Électrification Rurale (ADER), and the regulatory entity Organe de Régulation de l’Electricité (ORE).
Scope and appointed consultants: Small hydro mapping: SHER

Small hydro mapping:
Phase 3 Outputs:
Small Hydro Atlas: English | French
Small Hydro Mapping Report: English | French
Executive Summary: English | French
NEW: GIS Hydro Atlas
Phase 2 Outputs:
NEW: Hydrological Resource Report: English | French
NEW: Prefeasbility Study - Fanovana: English | French
NEW: Prefeasbility Study - Mahatsara: English | French
Phase 2 Report - Site Investigation: English | French
Phase 1 Outputs:
Site Visits Reports
Inception Report: English | French


News story: Mapping hydropower potential in Madagascar, published in Water Power and Dam Construction (Septemer 16, 2015)


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