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July 24 2017 Global Facility on Mini-Grids #f79f34


July 24 2017
ESMAP supported a study tour for Chilean government officials and indigenous communities to visit Nicaragua to learn about the country’s experience with geothermal development. To add to this, an ESMAP-funded study helped identify the main barriers to geothermal development and understand the magnitude of the challenge, and aims to help Chile to create a favorable enabling environment to boost investment in the geothermal sector.
May 2 2017
In every area of sustainable energy, a number of countries are outperforming the world, despite slower than…
June 23 2017
The World Bank has recently approved the US$71 million …
June 12 2017
About 84 percent of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) population has no access to electricity, among…
June 23 2017
The world is not moving fast enough to reach its universal electricity access goal by 2030. The …
June 23 2017
The partnership will focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency work –two of ESMAP’s main areas of…


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