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Other Partners
More than 40 key partnerships lie at the heart of ESMAP’s work
ESMAP works with community members, civil society, the private sector, think tanks, research organizations and international institutions to leverage finance and knowledge for stronger impact.


Our partners list
Recent Cooperation With Development Partners
  • ESMAP partnered with Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Norway in support of IFC’s Lighting Myanmar program
  • In cooperation with Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, and Germany, ESMAP is funding a study on Afghanistan’s electricity grid
  • In support of the Lighting Africa program, ESMAP and IFC have partnered with Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and United Kingdom
  • ESMAP is working with France on energy efficiency for Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India; the Geothermal Power Generation Project; the Niger Electricity Access Expansion Project; and the Energy Efficiency Action Plan for West Bank and Gaza
  • The National Electrification Strategy in Mozambique is coordinated by ESMAP, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and United Kingdom
  • In collaboration with Germany, ESMAP is funding the Clean Cooking activities in India, and hosting the data on wind measurement in Vietnam
  • With support from ESMAP, Austria, and Germany, the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy Platform was developed
  • Japan and ESMAP worked together on subsidy reform in Jordan
  • ESMAP and United Kingdom are working together to assess potential for geothermal power in Dominica and St. Lucia